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Since 2002, dynamic Prague-based, glo-bally-inspired musi-cal ambassa-dors Jull Dajen have entertained audiences and energized dancers at festivals and clubs across Europe. Jull Dajen draw deeply on Celtic, Scandinavian and Brittany Coast folk music while taking those rich traditions to new places with their distinctive blend of flute, violin, accordion and guitar over a lively groove. In addition to traditional music, the influences of modern-day cross-pollinators like Manu Chao, JPP, Fairport Convention and Jethro Tull echo through Jull Dajen’s acclaimed studio and live albums and acclaimed concert tours. Concert highlights for 2015 include the Interceltique Festival in Lorient, France as well as what Jull Dajen’s substantial repertoire comprises both instrumentals and vocal tunes sung in Czech, English and French. In addition to group founder and bandleader Petr Strambersky on acoustic guitar, the band’s current lineup includes flutist Dusan Navarik, accordionist Frantisek Tomasek, violinist Pavel Cingl, bassist Jarda Kestra Kestranek, drummer Mirek Pekar and vocalist Bara Malkova.

Jull Dajen released a new album „Salamander“. They had two release parties – one at Inter-celtique Festival in Lorient (Brittany, France), the second one at Malostranská Beseda Prague (Czech Republic) with František Černý (Čechomor) as a godfather. The CD Salamander was reviewed in a prestigious music magazine  New York Music Daily.


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